RV Living – Our First Two Months

In a few days, we will have been living in our 1990 Coachman Leprechaun for two whole months! I thought this would be a good time to give some thoughts on what we've experienced so far. The Good To be honest, 98% of this new lifestyle has been good, great even, for our family. Living [...]

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Why I Won’t Be Teaching My Children That They’re Perfect Just The Way They Are

Before you scroll straight down to the comments to tell me why I'm a horrible parent - I've got a few things to say. The Internet has become a massive platform for the sharing of opinions. Between social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the tremendously popular venue of YouTube vlogging, and the "classic" method [...]

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How Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Originally posted on December 19, 2014 Our little girl is now 15 months old. That means that my husband and I have been bombarding each other with questions about how to go about this holiday season. Do we tell her about Santa Claus? Do we get a Christmas tree? Do we buy her tons of [...]

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